Professional/Technical advisory committees provide support and advocacy for quality, up-to-date Professional-Technical programs.

Advisory committee members are local business and industry professionals. They are given the opportunity to learn more about LCC's Professional Technical programs. They offer support to our students and instructors by advising the college of the local job market, employers' needs, advancements in technology/equipment, and community opportunities.

Why It Is Important:

  • The guidance and advice of local advisory committee members can help ensure students are learning the most current skills needed in the workplace
  • Provides an open forum for sharing information and ideas
  • Creates a stronger community when business and education partner for our future workforce

Meeting Minutes

Contact Department Name

  Tamra Gilchrist, Dean of Instructional Programs

   (360) 442-2621

  Kalisha Harris, Administrative Assistant Office of Instruction

   (360) 442-2650