Diversity & Equity Committee

The Diversity & Equity Committee is dedicated to promoting an accessible, inclusive, and safe environment that fosters cultural competency, educational equity, and social justice for all students, staff, faculty, and our local and global communities.

Committee meetings are held every other week, alternating between Tuesday meetings, beginning with the second Tuesday of the month.

For more information see Diversity & Equity on the public website.

Committee Minutes



Committee Membership


  • Nicole Digerlando, Faculty


  • Dani Trimble, Instructional Staff


• Marie Boisvert, International Programs Staff
• Paz Clearwater, Student Programs & Activities Staff
• ASLCC, Diversity Representative
• Heidi Hamer, Instructional Staff
• J Haynes Hughes, Faculty
• John Killian, Student Services Staff
• Anne-Marie Klein, Instructional Staff
• Sue Orchard, Student Services Staff
• Samantha Orth, Administration Staff
• Angie Rogers, Administration Staff
• Morgan Salisbury, Faculty
• Alejandra Sanchez, Instructional Staff
• Esther Sexton, Faculty
• Heather Wooldridge, Student Services Staff

Contact Diversity & Equity Committee

  Nicole DiGerlando, Chair

  (360) 442-2635

  Dani Trimble, Co Chair

   (360) 442-2622

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