25Live Help Page - How/Why to Publish to Web Calendar

25Live contains an efficient way to list your event on a website calendar.

Displaying your event on a web calendar increases the chance people will find your event through Google searches, as well as attend your event because they know important event details such as date, time, location, topic, registration, etc. In addition, web calendars provide convenience options such as adding an event to your calendar, or generating a text or email reminder.

What you need to know about Web Calendar Publishing

What is a Web Calendar?

LCC has two web calendars.

Public Website Calendar (on public website)

  • This calendar has 14 *sub calendars
  • This calendar has 3 **embedded calendars

Faculty & Staff Website Calendar (on Faculty & Staff website)

  • This calendar has no sub or embedded calendars

*What is a sub calendar? Categorical listings of calendar events accessible from the main calendar. They are:

  • Academics
  • Arts & Entertainment
  • Career Center
  • Ceremonies
  • Closures
  • Continuing Education
  • Diversity & Equity
  • Foundation
  • International Programs
  • Lectures/Seminars
  • Not Specified
  • Red Devil Wellness
  • Special Events
  • Student Activities

**What is an embedded calendar? Categorical listings of calendar events that have been embedded onto a separate web page. They are:

What kind of events ARE appropriate for a Web Calendar?

Public Website Calendar (on public website)

Any non-instructional event appropriate for the public to know about, that can be attended by students, prospective students, community members or employees.

Examples include:

  • Academics: important dates potential or current students must comply with or know about.
  • Arts, entertainment and cultural events: art, music, theatre, film, literature, lectures, Salal Review, etc.
  • Athletic home or away games
  • Career Center workshops, trainings, fairs and meetings: career workshops, FAFSA/scholarships workshops, opportunity grant meetrings, employment fairs/showcases, etc.
  • Ceremonies: Veteran flag raisings, commencements, graduations, RN pinnings, etc.
  • Closures: routine holiday, efficiency and summer closures of the entire campus.
  • Continuing Education: special events, classes, STEM, etc.
  • Diversity & Equity: disability awareness, non-native English speaking, Safe Zone trainings, etc.
  • Foundation: events, classes or fairs sponsored by the LCC Foundation, etc.
  • International Programs: events intended for International students, and/or their host family members.
  • Lectures/Seminars: events such as Community Conversations, Northwest Voices, other lectures or authors, etc.
  • Not Specified: events that do not logically fall under a category.
  • Red Devil Wellness: events sponsored, coordinated or organized by the Red Devil Wellness Committee.
  • Special Events: events that do not logically fall under a category, but that need special emphasis, such as WFSE meetings, Trustees meeting, community conferences, etc.
  • Student Activities: events coordinated by ASLCC, or paid for by student activities fees.

Faculty & Staff Website Calendar (on Faculty & Staff website)

Any event specific to employees only, including committee meetings, Academic Early Warnings, All Staff Meetings, Instructional Planning/Prep Days, Tenure Track Luncheons, First/Last Day of Faculty Contracts, etc.

What events ARE NOT appropriate for a Web Calendar?

Any class, lab, athletic practice, rehearsal, coursework or other event in which tuition-paying students are required to attend as part of their enrollment at Lower Columbia College.

How do I publish my event to a Web Calendar?

The process of creating and submitting an event in 25Live includes several specific fields that need to be completed by you, the submitter, in order to get your event published to a web calendar. Bypassing these fields means your event will not be published to a web calendar.

These fields are (as listed in 25Live):

Basic Event Information (Screen 1)

  • Event Title for Published Calendar - enter the title you want to display on the web calendar. This field will override Event Name (on published web calendar). Do not use jargon, acronyms or abbreviations. Your audience may not understand these terms.

Additional Basic Event Information (Screen 2)

  • Event Description - enter a clear, concise, plainly worded, easy to understand explanation of your event. Use correct grammar, punctuation and spelling. Do not use jargon, acronyms or abbreviations. Add any necessary details such as registration fees, links to registration sites, deadlines, contact person(s), or other special instructions. DO NOT repeat the title, date, time or location. This information already displays in defined fields.

Tell us WHEN this event takes place (Screens 3-4)

  • Additional Time - if your event requires additional time before or after the event for setup or takedown please complete the Additional Time fields.
  • Example: Event takes place from 9 am to 11 pm, but requires 1 hour pre and post for setup and take down. Unless Additional Time is defined, event will display on Web Calendar from 8 am - 12 noon.

Select which CALENDARS should publish this event (several screens later, depending on options selected)

  • Publish to Web Calendar(s) - Indicate calendar category from list on right - check this box, and either copy/paste, or manually key my event in the specific calendar you wish your event published to. These calendars are identified in 25Live as
      • Main Website Calendar (same as Public Website Calendar)
      • Faculty & Staff Calendar
  • Optional: manually key in the sub calendar you wish your event to display under (applies only to Public Website Calendar) as listed above under 'What is a Web Calendar'. Note: LCC's Web Calendar Publisher will make the final determination on where your event publishes.

How will I know my event published to a Web Calendar?

When you have submitted your event in 25Live it enters the approval phase, consisting of:

  • Room Scheduler - staff responsible for managing this step will process your request by confirming the room and any additional setup. Once this has been completed you will receive a notification and the event will route to the Web Calendar Publisher staff.
  • Web Calendar Publisher - staff responsible for managing this step will process your request by:
      • Reviewing Event Title for Published Calendar and Event Description, and making any verbiage changes needed.
      • Selecting appropriate Web Calendar and sub calendar
      • Publishing to Web Calendar
      • Notifying Event Requestor, Event Scheduler, and any other related staff.

Note: it takes approximately 30-45 minutes for any published event to display on the live web calendar. If you do not see it right away, please check back.

Who do I contact if my event does not appear on the Web Calendar correctly?

  • Date, time, building, room - contact Room Scheduler listed at the bottom of this page.
  • Event title or event description - contact Web Calendar Publisher listed at the bottom of this page.

Contact 25Live Staff

See Who to Contact for Help for additional contact details and links.

Instructional & On-Campus Scheduling

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Academic & Instructional Classrooms

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Facilities Rental (by outside parties)

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Web Calendar Publishing

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