25Live Help Page

25Live is the online software system used by LCC to view and request rooms (or space) in academic classrooms and multi-purpose spaces.

25Live also allows you to publish your event to LCC's Public Website Calendar (on public website), or Faculty & Staff Website Calendar (on Faculty & Staff website), when appropriate.


Quick Steps to Create an Event

  1. Click the ‘25Live’ button to open 25Live.
  2. Sign In with your LCC login and password.
  3. Click the Event Form button on top of the page.
  4. Enter all the event details (required fields are marked with a red asterisk). Be sure to enter Date/Time and select a location.
  5. Be sure to enter a friendly Event Title and Event Description, and select the 'Publish to Web Calendar' checkbox if want your event published on a Web Calendar.
  6. Save at the bottom right of the screen.
  7. You will receive a confirmation email from a Room Scheduler once the event time, date and location has been approved.

How to View Available Rooms

  • Log in using your LCC credentials. See #1 above.
  • The 25Live dashboard will appear.
  • Use Find available locations (in the middle of the screen) to Search Locations. Select When or Where and enter requested details. When searching for locations, put "LC" before the building and a "0" before the room # and click go.
  • A list of available rooms will display. “Click Select Your Location and a "before“ A list of available rooms will display.
  • Select desired location and click Show me this location’s availability.

At this point you can use the Event Form to make a room request.

Contact 25Live Staff

See Who to Contact for Help for additional contact details and links.

Instructional & On-Campus Scheduling

  Shalaina Williams

  (360) 442-2502

Academic & Instructional Classrooms

  Julie Smith

  (360) 442-2653

Facilities Rental (by outside parties)

  Alyssa Milano-Hightower

  (360) 442-2241

Web Calendar Publishing

  Shalaina Williams

  (360) 442-2502