25Live Help Page - Frequently Asked Questions

25Live provides a centralized scheduling system for lecture halls, class labs, technology rooms, conference rooms, and other multi-purpose spaces.

When a user submits an event in 25Live, designated staff review and process the request, and a notification is sent to the requestor.

Frequently Asked Questions

What browser should I use?

  • For PC users - Firefox or Google Chrome. Internet Explorer (IE) will not work.
  • For MAC users - Safari and Firefox are both supported.

How long does it take to receive confirmation?

  • Room Scheduler phase - approximatelyh two business days.
  • Web Calendar Publish phase - allow up to two weeks, but may be sooner.

Why doesn't my event show up on a Web Calendar when I submit it?

When an event is submitted it is initially a draft and must be reviewed and approved by the following:

  • Room Schedulers - staff responsible for approving date, time, building, room and any accompanying setup
  • Web Calendar Publishers - staff responsible for approving Event Title for Published Calendar, Event Description, and appropriate Web Calendar (when publish to Web Calendar checkbox is checked). See Publish to Web Calendar Help for an explanation of this process.

Can I save certain selections in 25Live?

In the upper left corner of the Dashboard there is an area called STARRED. This is similar to identifying a favorite and/or regularly used room or building. Various screens give you the opportunity to STAR those selections and they will appear on your Dashboard.

Will the 25Live system time out?

No, the 25Live system will not time out. Once you log into the system it will be available until you close your browser.

Who do I contact if my event is incorrect or needs to be revised?

  • Date, time, building, room - contact Room Scheduler listed at the bottom of this page.
  • Event title or event description - contact Web Calendar Publisher listed at the bottom of this page.

Contact 25Live Staff

See Who to Contact for Help for additional contact details and links.

Instructional & On-Campus Scheduling

  Shalaina Williams

  (360) 442-2502


Academic & Instructional Classrooms

  Julie Smith

  (360) 442-2653

Facilities Rental (by outside parties)

  Alyssa Milano-Hightower

  (360) 442-2241

Web Calendar Publishing

  Shalaina Williams

  (360) 442-2502

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