Recognizing employees is vital! It only takes a moment to recognize someones great work and to acknowledge them for their work. Tell employees when they're doing well throughout the year!

Use our information recognition ideas to tell employees when they are doing well. Formal employee award programs are listed at Employee Recognition.  See also: Team Building.

Pay-it-Forward Program

Join Red Devil Wellbeing in expressing gratitude, promoting team building, and brightening up someones day with a Pay-it-Forward greeting card. Card recipients can send a copy of their card to HR to be entered into a drawing at the end of the year. One entry per card, 2017-18 year.

More Recognition Ideas

Easy employee recognition ideas you can implement right away!

  • Lunch or coffee with the boss
  • Fun certificates
  • Team potlucks
  • Verbal praise
  • Generosity with time
  • Hand-written notes/cards
  • Professional development ideas

Tips for Effectively Recognizing Employees

When giving recognition, it's important that you are:

  • In the moment - be timely with your recognition! Acknowledge it right after it happens and make sure you're descriptive when you do!
  • In context - tie their recognition to the purpose and/or mission of the college! Let them know how their work impacts LCC as a whole.
  • Appropriate in volume/scale - recognition must match the effort and the results or it loses meaning
  • Authentic, not automatic - make sure your recognition is sincere and thoughtful
  • Tailored to each employee - this is huge! Depending on their generation, work style, personality, etc. employees have a very different perception of value. The type of recognition that works for one employee may not work for the other. Figure out how your employees prefer to be recognized!

Employee Evaluations

Another great way to recognize employees is through their Employee Evaluation. See Performance Evaluations for more information.

Contact Human Resources

Human Resources located in the Administration Building, first floor. See Campus Map for location. Walk-ins welcome during regular business hours, M-F, 8 am - 5 pm.

  Kendra Sprague, VP of Foundation, HR & Legal Affairs

   (360) 442-2121 

  Rebecca Noce, HR Generalist

   (360) 442-2125

  Samantha Orth, Director of Human Resources

   (360) 442-2124

  Nicole Baker, HR Generalist

   (360) 442-2126

  Shani Dennick, HR Benefits & Operations Manager

   (360) 442-2123

  Jennifer Lucas, HR Generalist - Talent Acquisition 

   (360) 442-2122