Lower Columbia College Foundation Grants

The Lower Columbia College Foundation provides two types of grants to LCC employees on a yearly basis. Grants support projects that promote student learning or that develop services that promote student learning in alignment with the college's Mission Areas. Projects should emphasize innovative approaches to teaching and learning and may relate to existing or new programs, courses or services.

Grant applications are typically accepted during spring quarter for use the following year. Funds must be expended within a one-year period, typically by June 30.

photo of female athlete using the vertimax bungee ssytem

Human Biology and Exercise Equipment Grant $8,000. The Vertimax and Raptor equipment can be used with LCC’s mobile metabolic carts to monitor and test the cardiovascular physiology during exercise.

Male employee standing behind the counter at the Alan Thompson Library

Learning Commons Grant $7,610.25 Replace outdated computers by purchasing new computers to support Learning Commons team members to better serve students.

female attendant siting at desk/entry area of office

Standard Patient Encounter Grant $4,000. The Standard Patient Encounter project provides simulated opportunities for students in the Medical Office Administration program to interact with clients during a clinical experience by working with actors who simulate patients with symptoms and the experiences related.

female nursing siting at medical bedside with an simulated patient (dummy) checking the heartbeat.

Petters- Simulator Grant $10,000.00 to replace broken/damaged low-fidelity manikins in the skills lab which are used by students to practice various nursing skills in preparation for providing patient care in the clinical setting.

Exceptional Faculty Grant

  Available to: full and part-time faculty
  Approved by: Exceptional Faculty Grant Committee  Exceptional Faculty Grant Bylaws

Foundation Grant

  Available to: full and part-time faculty & full and part-time staff
  Approved by: Foundation Board of Directors  Foundation Grants may not be available every year.

Application Process

Applications for both types of grants accepted March 27th- April 29, 2024.

Complete the 2024-25 Application (PDF)

PDF doc automatically opens. Please save to your computer and complete the application. Obtain necessary signatures in person.

  • Exceptional Faculty Grant - submit to Vice President of Instruction
  • Foundation Grant - submit to Vice President of your area.

Grant application must be turned in no later than 5pm on Monday, April 29, 2024.


  Important Information from Information Services: When proposing a technology related project, please contact Nolan Wheeler as soon as possible. This will give us enough time to find equipment that is compatible with college systems, search state contracts, collect price quotes, etc. Tip: don't request brand specific products, e.g., iPads. Instead, submit a proposal for mobile devices because technology is continually changing. Thank you

What kinds of projects do grants typically fund? Here are just a few examples:

Exceptional Faculty Grants

Foundation Grants