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25Live optimizes classroom use, provides a single point of entry for scheduling classrooms and other multi-purpose spaces, and provides data analytics and planning tools.

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The following definitions are included for scheduling purposes:


  • Includes lecture halls, class labs, computer labs, technology rooms, and other learning spaces.

Academic scheduling

  • Refers to classrooms scheduled by academic units and the Office of Instruction whereby academic classes have scheduling priority.

Event scheduling

  • Refers to space that is scheduled by various on and off-campus users and is primarily used for non-academic events such as meetings, conferences, workshops, camps, banquets and other events.

25Live System Advantages:

  • uses a proven algorithm to optimize space,
  • evaluates inventory of rooms and schedule of courses to determine optimal matching according to the room features, location, and other attributes,
  • completely automates final exam scheduling,
  • offers event scheduling, event publishing, resources management, and e-commerce capabilities,
  • provides data for supporting space management decisions and developing sound scheduling policy,
  • includes data analytics and dashboard reporting capabilities,
  • provides point-in-time benchmarking to assist with identifying future trends.

About 25Live from CollegeNET

25Live scheduling provides campus-wide class and event scheduling resources all in one program. Features include LCC college branding, automatic posting to e-calendars, mobile convenience, security and data protection, and more ... Learn more about 25Live Scheduling

25Live is provided and hosted by CollegeNET, Inc., a Portland, Oregon-based, privately held company providing web-based on-demand technologies to colleges, universities, and non-profits. Learn more about CollegeNET.

Contact 25Live Staff

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Academic & Instructional Classrooms

  Julie Smith

  (360) 442-2653

Instructional Labs

  Pam DeRosier

  (360) 442-2712

  Lorri Davis

  (360) 442-2710

Facilities Rental (by outside parties)

  Cliff Hicks

  (360) 442-2241

Internal Requests (by LCC employees)

  Justin Ford

  (360) 442-2440

Web Calendar Publishing

  Marie Wise

  (360) 442-2114

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