Faculty Development Committee

The Faculty Development Committee is responsible for managing the faculty development fund in order to promote activities that enhance the professional growth of the faculty, and thus improve the quality of learning and services.

Faculty Development Application


The 2017 fall quarter application is closed. All funding has been allocated for the 2017-2018 funding cycle. Questions? Contact:

For future consideration by the committee, please remember the following:

  1. Please ask your department chair to approve and sign your application
  2. If your activity includes travel, please include a Prior Approval for Travel form signed by your dean
  3. Include any supporting documentation that may help the committee reach a decision

Funding Cycles

Summer quarter 2016 marked the beginning of a new two-year funding cycle. Each full-time and part-time faculty member will have up to $1,600 available to them (to be awarded at the discretion of the committee) through the end of spring quarter 2018.

Remaining Funds

About the Committee

The Faculty Development Committee, consisting of elected faculty members, meets quarterly to review applications and make funding decisions. The Faculty Development Committee is a sub-committee of the Instructional Council. Each year, $18,500 is available for the committee to disperse, with $2,500 set aside specifically for adjunct faculty. 

Meeting Minutes







Contact Faculty Development Committee

  Gina Challed/Chair


  Natalie Richie/Resource


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