Sabbatical Review Committee

Selection of Sabbatical Committee

The Sabbatical Leave Committee will consist of four tenured faculty members elected by the full-time faculty each fall and two instructional division deans as appointed by the Vice President for Instruction. Each instructional department shall nominate one member to be considered for election to the Sabbatical Leave Committee. Faculty service terms shall be three years. Elections for faculty positions shall be staggered on a three-year cycle, with one faculty member being elected in the first and second years of the cycle and two faculty members being elected in the third. In the event that a faculty member is unable to finish a three-year term, a replacement will be elected for the remainder of the term. Faculty members may be elected to serve no more than two consecutive terms. Each quarter in which one or more applications are to be reviewed, the committee shall at its first meeting elect one of the faculty representatives to serve as chair for the remainder of the quarter. The committee will review sabbatical applications according to the provisions outlined in the Faculty Association Agreement.

Emeritus Designation

Emeritus status may be awarded to faculty as outlined in LCC Administrative Policy.

Emeritus is a designated honorary status in the faculty that may be conferred upon a retired member of the faculty or in anticipation of the retirement of a faculty member, effective upon retirement. Conferring of these titles is not automatic upon retirement. The title confers lifetime academic appointments and shall be conferred based upon individual distinction and quality of contribution and service to the College. Emeriti will remain in force until death. The emeritus appointment carries no formal associated responsibilities or compensation.

Upon publication of a faculty member’s intent to retire, the faculty member or his/her department may initiate a letter of request for Faculty Emeritus status. The letter of request shall include the faculty member’s qualifications for the title. These qualifications should demonstrate the faculty member’s individual distinction and quality of contribution and service to the College. The letter will be submitted to the Sabbatical Committee who will review the documentation and make a recommendation to the President. Upon recommendation from the President and approval by the Board of Trustees, the faculty member will be granted emeritus status. However, the Board of Trustees may rescind such status for just cause. The President will publish the faculty member’s appointment to emeritus status to the campus community during commencement.

Contact Sabbatical Review Committee

  Kristen Finnel or Office of Instruction

   (360) 442-2550

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