The purpose of the eLearning Committee is to ensure high quality eLearning courses and services at Lower Columbia College.

About the Committee

  • The committee will meet a minimum of once per quarter.
  • The eLearning Committee makes recommendations to the Instructional Council on policies and procedures, and to the Instructional Administration team on eLearning procedures and technologies.
  • The eLearning Committee is chaired by the Director of eLearning, and co-chaired by the Dean of Learning Resources.
  • Representation shall be by appointment and will include the following areas:
    • Faculty representatives from a wide variety of disciplines:
    • Ex-Officio Members:
      • Online advising staff
      • Disability Support Services
      • Information Technology
      • Student Government

Meeting Minutes






Contact eLearning Committee

 Sarah Griffith, Director of eLearning

 (360) 442-2521

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