The Curriculum Committee is a standing committee of the Instructional Council. It is responsible for reviewing and approving or disapproving all course additions, deletions, or major changes; reviewing and approving or disapproving all degree and program changes, additions, and deletions; approving or disapproving courses on distribution lists for degree and certificate programs; and directing and overseeing a quadrennial review of each department's curricular offerings and courses.

Membership consists of an academic employee from each Instructional and Student Services department, the deans for Instructional Programs, and one student representative.

Meetings are held the second Friday of the month during the academic year.

Curriculum Committee Bylaws

Curriculum Committee Meeting Dates (must be logged into Google with LCC credentials)

Curriculum Committee Handbook - reviewed and updated each fall

Reference Materials

Curriculum Committee Proposals

Course Plan Review

Faculty in each discipline will review course plans in their area(s) according to the following suggested schedule* that aligns with the Curriculum and Program Review process:

  1. Year 1 (2022, 4 year cycle):  Course numbers 0-199
  2. Year 3 (2024, 4 year cycle):  Course numbers 200-499

Compare each course plan to the Sample Course Plan to verify whether or not it is current, paying special attention to current Global Skills terminology and Course Term Typically Offered.

Use the following guidelines to report course plan review:

Helpful links:

*Faculty may adjust the course numbers to be reviewed to accommodate needs within the discipline. All courses are to be reviewed within the four-year cycle, and distributing this over the cycle assists with Curriculum Committee workflow.  

Outcomes and Assessment

Faculty should review the following:

Meeting Minutes


Contact Curriculum Committee

  Tamra Gilchrist, Co-Chair

   (360) 442-2621