ctcLink Alignment Team

The purpose of the ctcLink Alignment Team is to facilitate communication and tasks associated with the statewide conversion to PeopleSoft as well as post-conversion management. More specifically, the alignment team works to identify and troubleshoot primary business processes, and coordinate cross-pillar issues as they arise.

The team is chaired by LCC's ctcLink Project Manager/Business Process Analyst. Other members include the Director of Financial Aid, Director of Registration, Director of Information Technology, Director of Finance, Director of Human Resources, Director of Instruction Division, Business Process Analyst/Document Management Specialist, and the Vice President of Effectiveness and College Relations.

The ctcLink Alignment Team meets on a weekly basis.

Visit our ctcLink webpages to learn more.

Contact ctcLink Alignment Team

  Nichole Seroshek, ctcLink Manager/Business Process Analyst

  (360) 442-2372

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