Bookstore Committee

The Bookstore Committee works to gather ideas on how to better assist students while still meeting profitability goals. The committee provides advice on issues such as pricing policies, marketing, hours of operation, refund procedures, textbook ordering, and the availability of trade and supply items.

The benefits of a successful college bookstore:

  • The LCC Bookstore is an auxiliary service; owned and operated by the college. At least $50,000 is allocated back to the college from the bookstore every year. The remaining net profit is put into the bookstore fund, which draws interest, mainly used for paying textbook and supply invoices.
  • Convenience for students and faculty members. Inexpensive software for faculty members and an assortment of supplies for students.

Committee membership consists of the bookstore manager, bookstore employee, faculty, ASLCC representative, and disability support services representative.

For more information see Bookstore on the public website or Bookstore Advisory Committee bylaws.

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