Course Syllabi & Office Hours

This page explains how to create and submit your course syllabus, and how to update your office hours. Course syllabi must be submitted to the Office of Instruction by the first week of each quarter.

Create Your Course Syllabus

These documents are intended to help you create your course syllabus.The template should be used as a starting point for syllabi development. Please submit your course syllabus for each course you teach to

Update Your Office Hours

To simplify the submission of office hours, we have elected to eliminate the previously used form. Instead, go to Directory Help and follow instructions for updating your directory record; specifically the Office Hours/Notes field.

  • Your login information is the same as used to access your computer
  • When entering your office hours, please indicate the quarter, days of the week, time, and any other details that may be helpful to your students.
  • Would you like to add a picture to your directory listing? Please email a photo in jpg format to the Web Marketing & Communications Coordinator, at

Independent Learning


Contact the Office of Instruction located in the lobby of the Library during regular business hours at 360.442.2550 or email

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