Student learning outcomes assessment at LCC has two elements: Curriculum and Program Review, and Global Skills Assessment. Both are required for accreditation.

Curriculum and Program Review

Curriculum and Program Review (C&PR) addresses outcomes for degree and certificate programs and disciplines. Faculty work on C&PR during designated assessment days, held once per quarter, according to an established template and schedule. 

C&PR Resources:

Global Skills Assessment 

Global Skills addresses assessment of institutional, general education outcomes: Communication, Critical Thinking, Quantitative Literacy, and Teamwork. One outcome is assessed each year according to an established schedule.

Global Skills assessment resources:

Instructional Assessment Committee

The Instructional Assessment Committee (IAC) is responsible for overseeing faculty-driven aspects of assessment at LCC. Effectiveness and College Relations provides logistical and administrative support for the committee. 

IAC resources:

Faculty Assessment Handbook

More detailed information about student learning outcomes assessment, including LCC's unique processes, is available in the Faculty Assessment Handbook.

Additional Student Learning Outcome Assessment Resources


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