Why Smart Service Matters

  • Service (good or bad) is a game changer!
  • Service is an outward expression of an individual or organization's value it places of its customers.
  • Service can build or break trust (customer loyalty)
  • Smart Service starts with a SMILE!
  • Smart Service assumes "positive intent"
  • Smart Service follows up and follows through!
  • Smart Service is about treating others in the way that we want to be treated.

How to Deliver Smart Service

In Person

  • Smile.
  • Listen for understanding.
  • Assume positive intent.
  • Follow up and follow through.
  • Every person is treated in a friendly, respectful and helpful manner.
  • Every person is encouraged to give their feedback on service.

By Telephone - (access sample telephone scripts here)

  • Smile
  • Listen for understanding
  • Assume positive intent
  • Incoming calls answered by the 3rd ring. (Buddy System)
  • External phone calls answered using the Smart Choice Telephone Script
  • Update voicemail message with Smart Choice Telephone Script.
  • Transfer calls to appropriate person, explain the caller's question/dilemma to the staff person taking the call. Provide caller with the appropriate person's extension in the event of a dropped call.

By Email

  • Email signature updated with Smart Choice graphic.
  • Read for understanding.
  • Assume positive intent.
  • Emails responded to within 24 hours of being received.
  • Email's "auto reply" set with contact person and website information.
  • Emails "spell checked" before being sent.

Effectiveness & College Relations

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