Instructional Assessment Committee

The Instructional Assessment Committee supports institutional accountability and improvement by facilitating the assessment of student learning outcomes at LCC.

The Instructional Assessment Committee reports to the Vice President of Instruction and is supported administratively by Effectiveness & College Relations as well as the Office of Instruction. See more in the Procedural Template for the committee.

The committee sets the Master Instructional Assessment Timeline and facilitates:

The Instructional Assessment Committee plays a vital role in the college's regional accreditation process with the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities.

The committee is comprised of faculty representatives from all instructional departments and is chaired by a faculty member. An instructional dean and representative from Effectiveness & College Relations serve as ex-officio members. Faculty representatives are appointed by the Vice President of Instruction, who also appoints the faculty chair.

Meetings are held at least twice per quarter during the academic year.

Meeting Minutes








Contact Instructional Assessment Committee

  Wendy Hall, Assoc, Vice President of Effectiveness & College Relations

   (360) 442-2491

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