ctcLink Alignment Team

The purpose of the ctcLink Alignment Team is to facilitate communication and tasks associated with the statewide conversion to PeopleSoft. More specifically, the alignment team works to identify primary business processes, develop Business Process Diagrams (BDPs) to inform training and staffing decisions, and facilitates cross-pillar issues as they arise.

The team is chaired by Nichole Seroshek, LCC's ctcLink Project Manager, with administrative support from Effectiveness & College Relations and the Office of the President. Members include Mary Beth Beck, Nicole Buffham, Pam DeRosier, Justin Ford, Shelly Franz, Mark Gaither, Desiree Gamble, Marisa Geier, Sarah Griffith, Wendy Hall, Jeanne Hamer, Mary Harris, Brian Isbell, Chad Meadors, David Mielcarek, Rachel Mistic, Molly Moncrief, Samantha Orth, Russ Osborn, Brandon Ray, Karla Rivers, Lupe Rodriguez, Angie Rogers, Angel Ruvalcaba, Nichole Seroshek, Julie Smith, Kendra Sprague, Dani Trimble, Michal Ann Watts, Shalaina Williams, and Adam Wolfer.

LCC's work related to the ctcLink project is contingent on the state timeline, which currently does not include a specific go-live date for LCC.

The committee meets on an as-needed basis.

Visit our ctcLink webpages and blog to learn more about the project.

Contact ctcLink Alignment Team

  Nichole Seroshek, ctcLink Manager/Business Process Analyst

  (360) 442-2372

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