Global Skills Assessment

In academic year 2005-2006 the faculty developed and approved a set of Global Skills (formerly called General Education Outcomes) for Lower Columbia College students.

The Instructional Assessment Committee provides oversight for the assessment of Global Skills, with technical assistance from Effectiveness and College Relations.

Assessment of Global Skills, along with Curriculum and Program Review, provide the framework for Instructional Assessment at LCC.

Evidence of student learning is collected throughout each year. Academic transfer programs are assessed by interdisciplinary faculty teams in an annual Summer Assessment Institute. Professional/Technical programs are assessed at the departmental/discipline level. Note: prior to 2019-20, all programs were assessed at the summer institute.

One Global Skill is assessed each year following a regular cycle, as follows:

  • Interpersonal Relations (2020-21)
  • Critical Thinking (2021-22)
  • Communication (2022-23)
  • Quantitative Literacy (2023-24)

Please note: due to disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2019-20 Global Skills assessment cycle was adjusted out one year.

The Instructional Assessment Committee is responsible for overseeing assessment of LCC's Global Skills.

Current Reports and Resources (see below for archives)


Critical Thinking

Interpersonal Relations

Quantitative Literacy (formerly Numeracy)

Archived Reports


Critical Thinking

Interpersonal Relations

Numeracy/Quantitative Literacy

Assessing the Assessment

Faculty are periodically asked for feedback on the Global Skills assessment process. See what they say.


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