Financial Aid Committee

The Financial Aid Committee was originally established by a Student Services Council directive from July 27, 1999, to assist in the administration of student financial aid operations at Lower Columbia College. 

The purpose of the Committee is to balance good stewardship of federal funds while supporting the student in achieving future academic success.

The Financial Aid committee operates under the supervision of the Vice President of Student Services. 

Committee membership consists of three faculty members, two classified staff, and one exempt staff. Each member is appointed by the Vice President of Student Services and is appointed for two years. Members are not allowed to serve more than three consecutive two year terms (six year maximum).

The committee chair is elected annually by the committee members. Jennifer Houge is the committee chair for the 2017-18 academic year.

Contact Financial Aid Committee

  Sue Orchard, Vice President of Student Services

   (360) 442-2301

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