Training Opportunities

Opportunities to participate in Accessibility Trainings will be listed here, as they are known.

Microsoft Office Training

Create More Accessible Word Documents

Provides basic information for creating accessible documents in Word. Videos include: creating accessible documents, improving accessibility with alt text, improving header accessibility, creating accessible links, creating accessible tables, and creating accessible file names.

Create More Accessible PowerPoint Slides

Provides basic information for creating accessible PowerPoint slides. Videos include: creating accessible slides, improving images accessibility, using accessible colors and styles, designing slides for people with dyslexia, and saving a presentation in an alternate format.

Create More Accessible Email Messages in Outlook

Provides basic information for creating accessible emails in Outlook. Videos include: improving email accessibility, improving images accessibility, and adding accessible emails.

Create More Accessible Excel Workbooks

Provides basic information for creating accessible Excel workbooks. Videos include: using accessible Excel templates, creating more accessible tables, and creating more accessible charts.

Accessibility Micro-Courses

SBCTC offers a variety of accessibility-related micro-courses. Current micro-courses include: Understanding Accessibility, Accessible Design Concepts, Universal Design, Accessible Word Documents, Accessible PPT, Email Accessibility, Accessible PDFs, Canvas Accessibility.

Contact Accessibility Coordinators

  Brandon Ray/Director of IT Services/Technology Accessibility Coordinator

   (360) 442-2251
Fax: (360) 442-2259

  Mary Kate Morgan/Director of Disability Support Services & Special Populations

   (360) 442-2341

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