Access vs. Accommodation

An explanation of the difference between access and accommodation.


When we use the term access when talking about people with disabilities, we're using it just as we do in any other context - the ability to retrieve, use, benefit from something. Specifically, the ability to access something independently or without needing to ask for a modification or alternative format. For example, making sure a blind person can navigate a website without the help of a sighted person.


The term accommodation refers to making a modification for someone to gain access. Accommodations are made when a user is unable to access material without additional assistance. However, this doesn't mean that if a student needs accommodations your course is not accessible.There are cases where a student will need accommodations regardless of the work you've put into your course.


Contact Accessibility Coordinators

  Brandon Ray/Director of IT Services/Technology Accessibility Coordinator

   (360) 442-2251
Fax: (360) 442-2259

  Mary Kate Morgan/Director of Disability Support Services & Special Populations

   (360) 442-2341

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