Classified Awards

Each quarter an outstanding classified employee is selected to receive an award.

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At the end of the year, the four quarterly award winners become finalists for Classified Employee of the Year. The quarterly awards are presented at the quarterly All-Staff meeting, and the Employee of the Year award is presented at the Spring Reception.

Employee of the Year


  • Goes above and beyond what is required by the job to provide high quality service to students and the community.
  • Demonstrates an effort above and beyond that required by the job, which has made a positive contribution to a specific department or to the overall college community's morale.
  • Makes a significant contribution above and beyond that of his/her job responsibilities that has enhanced or contributed to the quality of facilities or equipment.
  • Demonstrates consistent performances or actions, above and beyond that required by his/her job that has significantly contributed to the overall cost effectiveness of College operations.
  • Has a we care attitude and is committed to the college's core values.


  • The committee solicits letters of support for the four finalists.
  • The committee reviews the letters of support, and selects the Employee of the Year.
  • The winner is announced at the Spring Reception.
  • The winner receives a check from the Foundation and the coveted reserved parking spot for one year.


One representative from:

  • LCC Board of Trustees
  • LCC Foundation
  • Exempt staff
  • Classified staff
  • Faculty
  • Previous year's Employee of the Year
  • Classified Award Advisor

Quarterly Awards

Presented at the quarterly All Staff meeting. Full and part-time classified employees are eligible. Quarterly awards are based on information provided by nominators.

The award is authorized by the President and created and paid for by College Relations and Marketing.


Sunshine - Summer Quarter. Goes to the individual who:

  • has a positive, encouraging, and cheerful attitude
  • is a behind the scenes enthusiast and inspiring team player
  • provides bright and professional customer service

RA - Fall Quarter. Goes to the individual who:

  • creates a pleasant environment
  • brings out the best qualities in co-workers and/or students
  • allows them to handle difficult situations and people gracefully

Extra Mile - Winter Quarter. Gos to the individual who:

  • makes a difference
  • goes above and beyond what is necessary
  • exhibits outstanding dedication to their job

True Blue - Spring Quarter. Goes to the individual who:

  • exhibits loyalty to the mission of the institution
  • shows leadership in both work related and extracurricular college projects
  • encourages participation by others in functions that involve the community in our college


  • 3-4 weeks prior to award presentation: announcement and link to nomination site shared with all employees.
  • One week prior to award presentation: nomination site closed.
  • 5 days prior to award presentation: Committee meets to review nominations and select winner.
  • The winner is announced at the quarterly All-Staff Meeting.


  • Member, co-chair
  • Member, co-chair
  • Advisor
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