The Smart Choice

The Smart Choice is Lower Columbia College's slogan. It was officially adopted by the college in January 2014.

The Smart Choice represents a common message integral to LCC's Mission, Vision and Values: LCC is the smart choice for quality education, access to education, and affordable education.

The college's former slogan, Higher and Hire, has been officially retired. It should be replaced with The Smart Choice, on all online and print materials.

The Smart Choice Campaign Goals:

Goal #1

  • Build awareness within the region on the benefits of choosing Lower Columbia College.

Goal #2

  • Increase student enrollment on campus and online.

Goal #3

  • Expand partnerships and degree programs through Universities, High school College & Career Centers, and flexible learning options.

Goal #4

  • Commitment to innovation in strategic areas of higher education.

Goal #5

  • Become a leader in serving our students to success!

The Smart Choice Video

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